Auryn Embroidery Kit
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Auryn Inspired Card Embroidery Kit (Brown Card)


Now you can make your own hand stitched artwork!

The talisman of the Neverending Story, granting the bearer the power to do whatever he or she wishes, features in this card embroidery kit. A double entwined snake, like the Ouroborus, shows the interplay between the world of Fantasia and the reality we currently exist in. The energy that the Auryn wields is powerful, channeled through the Childlike Empress, and she can bestow the power of the Auryn to whoever she desires.

In the weaving between the worlds, the Auryn helps form the gateway that the heroes pass between, and enter into their journey, rising to adventure and granted power from the Auryn to do whatever they wish to do and make it so.

The Auryn embodies our power to co-create our worlds. This beautiful card embroidery is a faithful representation of the Talisman from the movie, and becomes a quality memento of The Neverending Story. This timeless story compels our inner imaginings to conjure the magic of the narrative, and this beautiful card embroidery is something that is a beautiful addition to your living area.

Each Card Embroidery Kit includes:

  • 1 x A4 Pre-cut Pearlised Brown Card

  • 1 x Embroidery Needle

  • 1 x Metallic Silver Thread (50m)

  • 1 x Metallic Gold Thread (50m)

  • Detailed Instruction Booklet

All you need is scissors and adhesive tape.



  • Auryn is the talisman from the Neverending Story.

  • The accents in this metallic embroidery add a touch of luxe to your decor.

  • Card Embroidery Kit comes with everything you need.

  • Look for more of our range to add to your collection.


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Auryn Embroidery Kit

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